“NK LUX” radiator is a tubular radiator that occupies very little space owing to its shape and design and its main purpose is to heat the air in the bathrooms but it can be used in other rooms as well (studies, living rooms, children’s rooms, kitchens and business premises as well).

This radiator is made of seamed steel tubes (C 0146), of DC01 material, according to EN 10305-3 and EN 10305-5 standards,

of trapezoidal profile and of 50x35x25 mm in size, with ribs formed as tubular pipes of Ø25 mm in diameter, with r 1475 mm radius of curve. Hot water is used as a heat transfer fluid and the heat is transferred by methods of convection and radiation. The radiator is equipped with 4 fittings of 1/2’’ in size. Maximum pressure when tested is 10,14 bar (0,10 Mpa) and operating pressure is 6 bar. Technical specifications (height, width, range between fittings, weight, capacity, calorific value – EURO NORMA 442 and dimensions of fittings) are shown in the table.

Installation of the radiator is exceptionally simple and easy, the mounting depth for installation is at 65 mm – 110 mm, and the installation instruction with the warranty paper and the assembly kit, consisting of 3 or 4 brackets for the mounting,

depending on the size of the radiator, with accompanying screws and plugs, 1/2" air vent, 1/2" nickel plated cap as well as protective plastic caps are included in the set.